“ I mainly work with pastels and gouache.

Unlike chalk, a delicate material which I like for its sensuality and fragility, I apply paint liberally, in flat strokes. Scrattched, rubbed, sprinkled, it gives a grainy texture which enhances the pastels, resulting in volume and solidity.

This mixed technique allows me to combine lively movement, strong colours and a transparency which evokes the fragility of the human being whose feelings and movements are so ephemeral.

All human life paths interests me. Like freeze-frames, they evokes fleeting moments where people talks about themselves. I paint these moments when the emotion is present, intact.

I would like people to enter into my paintings and leave as a different person, as after a long journey, somehow touched by the words and the silences.

My work is intuitive. When I paint I am surprised to be myself. It is my subconscious which guides me.

I allow myself to be carried away by Uman’s music. It feeds me, gives rhythm to my gestures. In a word, it is my muse.

When I exhibit my work. Uman’s music brings that special light, that unique colour which is always there when I paint.”